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3 Lessons from Sauti Sol to Kenyan Musicians…

I used to really wonder why Sauti Sol remains to be a favorite boy’s band for in Kenya and in Africa. See, any release from the four-man band does get to hundreds if not million views on YouTube, not to mention the fact that fans and haters alike would sing along to the songs word by word.

This Saturday, I decided to get to a concert solely organised by Sauti Sol in Nakuru, must say I regret not the choice to be audience to them performing in a massive dome with awesome sound and lighting. They did not disappoint the fans who turned up for the event either.

Back to the lessons learnt:

1. Professionalism
Sauti Sol does attach professionalism in all they do and to make their plans roll out well, they have a manager who to me is their best for them for he could be seen up and about all through the event to ensure the service providers met the band’s expectations as well as that the boys delivered on stage. Their music is recorded and videos done by professionals whose work meets the market demands not just in Kenya but in the world too, they invest heavily in their music reason they reap from their investment. In their shows, they work with the best service providers right from the sound and lighting to the security and catering. I think they are the best example of artists who respect their art as a full time job.
In addition they have official Sauti Sol photographers who ensure their shows are well documented that gives them a basis to convince any client who questions their performance level.


2. Team work
Sauti Sol cannot be Sauti Sol without any of the four big boys and believe me you, the team work in them is a factor to them delivering on their art prowess. Their manager is part of the team meaning their exists understanding between them all. No wonder they are always together in their hangouts and their stage presence is in sync.

3. Brand
See, a mention of Sauti Sol  would have any of their fans want to attend their concert anytime because they concentrated on building a brand all through thier musical careers that Sauti Sol has grown as abrand to recon with in this side of the Sahara. Thats why they do a show of their own, just them and fans show up big time. Thats why their Nakuru edition was epic


Wanna be a name in Africa right from Kenya Mr/Miss Artist? Then better borrow a leaf from Sauti Sol who currently are riding high with their Live and Die in Africa nationwide tour.

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