Akothee Reveals More About The Father Of Her Kids And Takes Her Stand On Socialites And ‘Sponsors’

    In an exclusive Live interview with Mzazi Willy M.Tuva,Akothee the Madam Boss has revealed that the father of her kids is one of the Most popular Men in the world.Akothee who is a mother of five kids and expectant with the 6th promised to reveal the identity of the father once her newborn arrives.

    Asked why she sent her two boys to go stay with their Father in Switzerland Akothee revealed she has been receiving threats online.“Mara nyingi nimekuwa  nikipata message za kuthreaten watoto wangu.Wengine wanathreaten wa naweza kuwashika au kuwauza-Ndio maana nikaamua kuwatuma wakaishi na baba Yao majuu.”

    During the show Akothee also took the opportunity to give her take on Socialites and Sponsors.“In each and every success there must be displine.Mimi ata sijui socialite ni nini lakini ni tatizo kubwa na wasichana wetu wanapotea.Watoto wa kike wajue ya kwamba hakuna siku mwili yako inaweza  kukupatia hela,Akili yako ndio inaweza kukupatia hela.If you are displined and you have an ambition and passion of doing anything I believe GOD will hold your hand and hicho unachokitafuta utakipata.You have to sponsor yourself and Be Smart with every opportunity you get.”

    You can watch the full Interview here


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