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Am NOT Dating A Socialite!!!!-Papa Dennis Cries Out.

Papa Dennis is one if the fastest rising Gospel superstars in the country and going by the Quality of music he’s releasing then its evident the sky is only the limit for him.

Being a gospel musician comes with its own fair share of Fortunes and misfortunes, scandals and sagas cant just keep off your way but either way that is what showbizz is all about and Papa Dennis seems to be the latest victim.

Word on the blogs and showbizz magazines has been,Papa Dennis is dating a socialite Martha wajero.Is it true? Papa Dennis chose to clarify this morning through an Instagram post.

According to Papa Dennis Martha is   just a model he worked with during Njoo video and there is nothing attached between them,It was just line of duty.

“She is not my girlfriend the only attachment I had with her is when she worked with Maliza Umaskini as a model in one of my videos called NJOO and a few voluntary work she did for the organisation.we worked closely and she showed interest but I was not interested in her.”


Papa has also sought for apology from his fans who he might have let down saying,”There are a lot of challenges I face as a public figure I humbly ask that you keep me in your prayers am always open to here constructive correction.”




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