Amani And Kristoff Talk About Foreign Artistes Being Paid More Than Kenyan Artistes .

    Music as we all know can pay someone’s bills.It has been a custom that once an artiste makes it big,automatically he/she is rich.Artistes earn a lot of money from performances and other endorsements.
    It is this talk that has generated heat on the criterial factor used to pay these artists.Local artists have been against the idea of foreign artist being paid a lot more than them.They feel its like promoting the foreign talent and sidelining the local talent.
    Amani and Kristoff,in an interview with  Mzazi Willy Tuva of Mambo Mseto,spoke out their concerns about this matter.
    They feel its normal for foreign based artists to earn more.
    “Its very normal,if you are a foreign artist and you are known to Kenyans definitely you are big and have the bargaining rights,” says Amani. “A person like Diamond is big,his songs are topping charts,i won’t be surprised if he asks for a huge amount,”she added.

    According to them,the amount of money an artist should be paid depends on his/her efforts towards her work. Kristoff,the “Dandia” hit maker backs it up,”It solemnly has to do with the relevance of the artist in the industry,and the masses he/she is influencing,” he says.

    Therefore local artistes should put in a lot more effort if all they want to earn more.This can as well put them on an international map and can as well be called upon to perfom in foreign countries and bag the cash.

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