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Artistes may soon receive payments for Skiza royalties

There’s a spark of light at the end of the tunnel for thousands of Kenyan artistes, who have not received their royalties from the Skiza tunes for almost one year now.

According to Performers’ Rights Society of Kenya (one of the collective management organisations – others being MCSK and KAMP), the process that will ensure the halted royalty payouts are handed over to the CMOs is almost done.

“The interim agreement about Skiza money has clear timelines to be followed.

The biggest thing about the money coming through CMOs is accountability through documentation so it shall not be the case of just handing over the money,” PRISK chairman Robert “RKay” Kamanzi said in a communique to artistes.

He adds: “We have asked rights holders to provide information about their songs in order to be able to serve them better and faster. With that said though, the money has not reached the CMOs yet.

There are also processes and we respect them. What we have is just information about how much is being released so we await for it as well as the data that comes with it. It’s been four years of fighting for this money and we are almost there and it’s just a start.”

Last year, the court – following a case filed by a section of artistes – ordered telecommunication firm Safaricom (the provider of the Skiza tunes platform) to halt any payments until the case was heard and determined. The case is still in the court.


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