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B.A.E Concert #BAETUESDAY EP Launch

MusicBank presents the most anticipated event of the year dubbed B.A.E Concert by Raj. The concert, which is to be held on 10 December

at Uhuru Gardens is set to have two regional (African) artistes andĀ  renowned South African Deejay gracing the event, among-st other surprises.

The concert also will make the end of the #BAETUESDAY series and the Launch of the B.A.E EP.

Raj, who has been dropping music every Tuesday since Aug, whom a series he calls #BAETUESDAY has just released his 12th track ,DARLING ft MANE, fromĀ  the EP set to be launched in December . DARLING FT MANE is the 9th original song from the BAE EP.

Raj has been releasing thrilling animation videos from the songs on #BAETUESDAY
The music on #BAETUESDAY has been doing quite well and the has helped catapult songs like NEED SOMEBODY ft MANE , DANCEE& UPGRADE getting media airplay while songs like UBER ft DOM have paved way fro negotiations for brand promotion.Raj has so far released 9 originals from the B.A.E EP and 3 collaborative videos.

Click here to listen to all music from #BAETUESDAY including #BAETUESDAY ORIGINALS & BAETUESDAY COLLABOS.



More information will be available from November 1.


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