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BAD BLACK To Be Released From Jail This Week

Kampala City socialite, Shanitah Namuyibwa aka Bad Black has unveiled the programme that she will be following on Monday, 13th March, the day she will be set free.
A close friend who visited her recently has revealed to this website that Bad Black is currently having sleepless nights as she cannot wait to be free in two days’ time.
Speaking through an aide, Bad Black revealed that she will first hold a press conference where she will be answering questions from journalists.
“I know journalists have a lot to ask me, that’s why I must hold a press conference. I have a lot to narrate to them about my life in jail,” Black was quoted saying.

“When the judge sentenced me to 4 years in prison, journalists were present to inform the world about it. They should also be around when I am released,” she explained. Bad Black also mentioned that after her press conference, she will head straight to Club Guvnor to meet Charles Lubega, the owner of the nightspot to make arrangements to the massive party, which she intends to hold to celebrate her release from jail.
When asked about how she is doing financially, the socialite clarified that she is still rich. She disclosed that on top of her savings, her lover, David Greenhalgh is still supporting her financially. We Understand , understands that Greenhalgh recently bought the jailed socialite a Range Rover (2014 Model) worth a whooping Shs 250 million, which she will be traveling in when she sets foot out of jail.


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