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Bobi Wine & Family Lands Mega Endorsement Deal

If there is one artiste enjoying the ongoing rift between entertainers and the general public, it is Bobi Wine. The wrangles which were sparked off by a group of musicians rallying with President Museveni has seen Bobi Wine becoming not only the public’s favourite but also several companies which have started giving him endorsement deals.

First it was the artiste’s last born who received an endorsement deal worth millions from ‘7 days Diapers’ and the latest is that the entire family has received a contract to feature on a munchies advert. The advert which has started doing rounds on different TV stations sees Bobi Wine, Barbie and their three children enjoy the ‘Snack Eat’ munchies while travelling and then another clip shows them fighting for the snacks in the supermarket. The Snack Eat munchies are new on the Ugandan market and they found the Kyagulanyi family ideal to do their advert. However, the rest of the details concerning this endorsement deal have been kept from our reach.


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