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Bobi Wine’s Touching Tribute To His Late Mother

As many people celebrated mothers day on Sunday, Bobi Wine took the opportunity to pay a special tribute to his late mother who raised him to be the responsible figure he has turned out to be. In a touching message, the Ghetto president started off by saying, ‘Ten children,one room,one parent (a woman). I saw you struggling to raise us in Kamwokya . People see me today and wonder how I made it,they have no idea that I AM EVERYTHING I AM,BECAUSE OF YOU MAAMA .’ He further went to add that everything he knows today was because of her. ‘I live every day of my life by your guidance. You taught me everything I know. Everything that happens in my life; be it business, relationships, leadership, respect, everything that happens, I remember you talked to me about it. You’re the original copy of everything I reflect in life. My best teacher.’ Bobi Wine who has been championing the message of peace among the youth also wished that his mother could have seen him grow up, watching him put her teaching in practice. You’re my greatest memory. It’s been 19years but it’s like only yesterday.I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN OVER YOU,I will never! he said. The message came in timely on 8th March, which was incidentally Mothers’ Day. Many people worldwide took to social media to celebrate the day, posting very heartwarming messages of love and thanksgiving to their mothers.


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