”BonEye Ako Paternity Leave” Get To Know Why BonEye Is Not Included In The New P Unit Song!

    On Friday, P Unit members Frasha and Gabu dropped their new Jam on Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto that has left many talking after BonEye missed in the WABE Jam.During the interview Frasha confirmed that P UNIT is still strong and rubbished the rumours that the group had broken, The Nakuthibu hitmaker added that during the break he has involved himself in various community projects through His Frasha Foundation like helping the less fortuned in the society.



    However when asked why they did not include BonEye in their new jam, Frasha and Gabu said that BonEye had to look after his new family considering the fact that he married few months ago.They added that P Unit have new projects underway that will be massive hits!On their new Jam WABE, they have featured DJ Joe Mfalme whereby its a Dancehall Song produced by Ulopa Ngoma and ManChild Who is a new  kid on the block.

    Listen to the interview On Mambo Mseto with Mzazi Willy Tuva.



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