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Here Is The Brand New Jam That Femi One Just Dropped With Xtatic.

Rapper Femi One has teamed up with Xtatic on a new song, Usiku Mchana.The song is about falling in love while you are in the spotlight.

“Usiku Mchana is about how people, lovers, partners and friends always having insecurities that the money and fame might change you. The song only reassures them that one will still remain true and humble even when the fast life comes along,” says Femi One.

Femi One has featured Xtatic on this song. Xtatic sings instead of dropping some bars, a departure from what fans are used to.

“You are going to see more of me singing this year as I have recorded more singing songs. I was to release a mix tape where it was all me singing, but due to unfortunate circumstances I have had to hold back most of my projects. In future it is definitely more of singing as it is what I started with before rapping,” says Xtatic.

The song is based on an experience that Femi One went through.

“The song is basically what I have gone through and what I keep going through as I continue building my career,” says Femi One.

The song was produced by Ricco Beats and recorded at ATL studios.

Here is the exclusive;



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