Today Its Her, Tomorrow It Could Be You .This Is Why Carolyn Omwoma Needs You At This Crucial Time.

    Carolyn Omwoma , a second year student at Day-star University  is one of the lucky survivors of the horrific Keroka accident that happened on February along Kisii-Nairobi Highway.The accident involving a Trans line Classic Bus saw many passengers perish but luckily Carolyn with God’s grace came out alive. However the beautiful lady is calling upon well wishers to help her raise money to enable her leg  get fixed .Check out her touching story below and remember to share widely ;


    ”The day was on Saturday 1st, Feb 2014, at around 10am. I left home (obviously after a deep emotional, journey-mercies prayer from my mum, you know how wonderful mothers are when it comes to safety of their children) for Kisii town, accompanied with my immediate sister to embark on my journey back to Nairobi. We arrived, headed to Transline Classic offices and at around 11am, our PSV shuttle, KBH 460W, took off. My seat was No. 3 from the front. I was seated in between two ladies, Risper and Wilkister (it’s good to know your neighbor especially if it’s a long journey, at least to have some light moments you know). Upon reaching Keumbu, (some place well known for sweet sugar canes, bananas, avocados, name them) some passengers requested the driver to pull over ‘wanunulie watoto ndizi’. After a few minutes, our journey commenced. Reaching Keroka, almost all of the passengers had already taken a nap, except for the driver of course and I coz I was playing games on my phone with some 10yr old boy who was Risper’s Son. Just a few meters away from Keroka town, I also got tired and unknowingly fell asleep, with my phone in my hands coz I wanted to text my other sister who lives along Keroka-Sotik highway and notify her that I’m going back. Unfortunately that never happened. Mine was more than a nap coz I slept, totally. From here, the only thing I remember upto date, was being woken up by a loud bang, screams and sounds of shattering glasses. I was lost in my sleep, so I didn’t know where I was or what had happened. My spirit was far away from this world, coz I found myself in some sort of desert, all alone. I gathered my thoughts, then I started conversing within my self “Well I know I was going to Nrb, but I know sijafika. If I’m dead, Okay, if I’m alive Okay still”. Then I decided now to try and shake my head to confirm whether I was still in this world. I moved! It was magical (no one wants to die before achieving their dreams). So I opened my eyes. That’s when reality hit me that an accident had occurred. What followed next was a loud scream “Nitoeni tafadhali Niko hai”. The lady on my right wasn’t moving, the one on my left, I didn’t even see her. My vision was blurred, especially when I saw the driver sandwiched between the steering and his seat, blood oozing from his ears. People surrounded within minutes with mamas shouting for help. They tried opening the car door, it wasn’t moving an inch. The windshield was wide open so I asked some guy to pull me out through it. I reached for his hands pushed myself out. When I touched the ground, that’s when I realized I couldn’t move at, all. I had dislocated my leg. I pleaded for help, helplessly, coz I wasn’t bleeding much and I was afraid that I had internal bleeding. Sotik traffic police arrived on time and ordered another Trans-line vehicle headed the opposite direction to rush us to Kaplong Hospital. I was among the first victims. On the road, lay a lifeless body of some bodaboda guy who caused our vehicle swerve off the road. I was admitted at Kaplong for 5 days and got discharged. One journalist and one lady lost their lives, may they rest in Paradise. That never meant that I was safe either coz upon reaching Nrb, I developed chest complications and would be unable to breath. I was rushed to MP Shah Hospital, where they asked for 300k to put me in ICU coz I had a blood clot. Well that was a huge amount, so we requested that they refer me to KNH. That’s where I was admitted for 3weeks, until the clot finally  dissolved. Thanks to Dr Ndavi. My left leg was swollen for almost the whole of that year. But last year I was very okay until sometime in Nov when the pain came back again. Of course all along I had been going for my physiotherapy sessions but this time the leg proved ‘stubborn’. An MRI was conducted Jan this year which showed that I had developed a condition known as Avascular Necrosis. I was adviced to seek further medical attention at AIC Kijabe Hospital. This is where I was last month and the orthopaedic consultant said I need a total hip replacement surgery, with a deposit of Ksh500k, to enable me walk again, with an actual amount of 8-900k. This why I have shared my story, though in it there’s still a lot I’ve left out. I am kindly appealing to you my friends, relatives and well wishers to help me raise the finances and get my leg fixed. Fixing my leg means getting my life back. Contributions can be sent to my phone number 0727 488 261, I’ll be able to post a pay bill account number soon. Thank you and may God bless you.”


    However things have not been that easy for  Carolyn since then, the accident saw  Carolyn  Omwoma develop Avascular necrosis (is the death of bone tissue due to a lack of blood supply) at her hip. A total hip replacement surgery, with a deposit of Ksh500k, to enable her  walk again amounts to Ksh  900,000.The first fundraising to help Carolyn will be held on 11th at the  Day-star University Valley Road campus from 3 :00pm while the second will be held at professional center  Nairobi from 5:00pm.


    Friends ,your helping hand is needed here .Lets support her by doing a donation and the almighty God will bless you. Today is Her, Tomorrow it could be You.

    PAYBILL :   667443
    Account No: Caro

    Facebook : Carolyn K. Omwoma

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