CELEB MONDAY : 5 Things That You Have Never Heard About Daniel Ndambuki “Churchill”.

    Its a Monday! That day we feature someone who has mentored and inspired the society in a positive way.Today we are going to feature this guy who has revolutionized the Kenyan Comedy Industry , am talking about Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki aka Mwalimu King’ang’i.

    Daniel Ndambuki “Churchill” as many know him is one man who is celebrated many Kenyans for growing the Kenyan Comedy industry.Mr Churchill is married with 5 children and was born in Kitui town. He has worked in the comedy industry since 1996 and has now become a household name in Kenya.

    Daniel Ndambuki is also one of the lucky Kenyans to be on Who Is Who List of 100 most influential persons in Kenya. Away from that good side, Churchill has jumped many hurdles and passed through a lot to be who he is today.From struggling with his acting career to poor living conditions in Nairobi during the late 90’s.


    In an exclusive interview with Kathy Kiuna of #WomanWithoutLimits show, Ndambuki revealed a lot about himself and his family which he has so much tried to keep off from the limelight successfully.He revealed that he wakes up at 3:00AM with his wife for morning prayers, something he has done since  he had “nothing” back then. He then gave a hilarious story of his naughty 8 year son who dreams of being a “school driver” in future and a serious joker.He had a touching story to tell about his wife who he met when he had “nothing” and has stood with him all along. In a catchy and sweet description, he described her  “she is not the mother of my child, she is not my wife…but she is a ‘guardian angel’ for both of us”.

    Churchill further said that his wife is not the type who loves public attention and that has been very instrumental in their marriage. He said that he plays a father and husband figure role for his family and not a comedian.
    He brings out that loving and caring family head who plays a totally different role for his family from the Churchill we publicly know.

    Churchill finally said that he wants Kenya to remember him as somebody who left a legacy by encouraging and uplifting talents but not the greatest comedian who ever lived.

    From Mseto East Africa, we salute you Bwana Churchill !

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