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Check Out How Mr.Bloom’s Birthday Went Down Over The Weekend…

Mr Bloom is not a new name in the Kenyan Entertainment and Showbizz industry.

Famed for his Hit Song Bye Bye With Kizo B,Mr Bloom has been a popular figure in the art scene for over five years.

Over the weekend Mr.Bloom was celebrating his Birthday Party,a party that was graced by various celebrities and friends.

Among the notable appearances were:Kizo B,Dj O Of Egesa Fm, Dj Slyce,Heartstrings Ent. Superstars amongst many others.

Below are photos from the party.

img-20160411-wa0117.jpgimg-20160411-wa0084.jpg img-20160411-wa0107.jpg img-20160411-wa0076.jpg img-20160411-wa0053.jpg img-20160411-wa0130.jpg img-20160411-wa0051.jpg img-20160411-wa0118.jpg img-20160411-wa0049.jpg img-20160411-wa0066.jpg img-20160411-wa0028.jpg img-20160411-wa0087.jpg img-20160411-wa0092.jpg img-20160411-wa0090.jpg img-20160411-wa0098.jpg img-20160411-wa0067.jpg img-20160411-wa0097.jpg img-20160411-wa0081.jpg img-20160411-wa0080.jpg

img-20160411-wa0097.jpg img-20160411-wa0087.jpg img-20160411-wa0092.jpg img-20160411-wa0076.jpg img-20160411-wa0090.jpg img-20160411-wa0117.jpg img-20160411-wa0130.jpg img-20160411-wa0053.jpg

Mr Bloom will be dropping the video to his new jam,WHY, next week.


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