Home Lifestyle “There Is A Child In Each Of Us” – Anne Kansiime

“There Is A Child In Each Of Us” – Anne Kansiime

With a successful show behind her, Kansiime recently became the Save the Children ambassador for their Every Last Child campaign. Her passion and love for children made her say, ‘I like to believe that there is a child in each of us, we poke our loved ones, we giggle when shy and at
times we even cry without shame. That is the beauty of life.’ She further added, ‘ picture that little child who has no basic needs, who is faced with violence, who didn’t make it to their 5th birthday yet the cause was easily preventable or who can’t go to school simply because they didn’t get to choose their family…I hate to imagine.’ Kansiime also commended the Save the Children organisation which is out to make sure that every child is considered, ‘I know we have all tried to do something within our means but as the African proverb goes ” It takes a village to raise a child”. Please allow me to recognise Save the Children “Every last Child” campaign that is out to ensure ;among other things that even that child in the remotest and most under privileged home is considered when it gets to education and healthcare. We can’t do everything but that should never keep us from trying.’


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