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The Churchill Show Management Distances Itself From WAGITHOMOZ’ GEOFFREY MAIKUNU’S Fraud Activities.

Following an exclusive investigative report by NTV”s Senior investigative Journalist Dennis Okari which was aired on Sunday , a revelation which has shocked many as one the public figures many know, a comedian and a member of the Wagithomoz duo, Mr Geoffrey Muikunu was on the spotlight. An  organization called Dreamcast production which was ‘recruiting’ talented individuals in various fields for a show which they claimed ‘was’ to be aired on NTV in a show dubbed “KENYA’S GOT TALENT”.

However they were  busted  by the celebrated investigative reporter and since then Churchill show and the entire laugh industry has distanced itself from the matter considering that  Wagithomoz’ Geoffrey was claiming to sell tickets for Churchill show for the recruits. In a lengthy press release, the Laugh industry addressed this:


Nairobi, March 25th 2016, Laugh Industry in a shocking way has learnt some activities of one of the two members of the former Wagithomoz Comedians that have featured within our ChurchillShow TV programme on NTV, otherwise known Mr. Geoffrey Muikunu, that, amongst other misdemeanors he has been using NTV and ChurchillShow brands to collect funds with false promises to gullible members of public!
We strongly condemn the acts and in no way do we neither condone such, nor are we associated with, either on advisory level or actual involvement of this deeds, nor has the show been involved in such activities, now or before.
We are also not fully aware of his activities nor do we support them, more so when they violate laws of the land or jeopardize the integrity of the Churchill Show and its brands.
We’re aware that the duo group of Wagithomoz disbanded itself when they were unsuccessful in their last attempt to make it to Live Recording of the show, because of involvement of an outside deal that contravened our contract with broadcaster NTV. It’s the second time the group has ‘broken up’, little has been heard of them either in attending normal vetting exercises for the show, or in communications or in appearances during Live Recording, up till now.
We deeply regret his first association with our TV programme in this context and are willing to assist with any disclosures involving our short-lived interactions with him as a performing artist. As per now the Wagithomoz had not renewed their contract with Laugh Industry.
Laugh Industry and Churchill Show upholds social integrity, family values, moral standards, and respects and adheres to the laws of the land to the best of our interest, we will continue to cherish these ideals in all our brands and products because that is what matters.

PR Department


e-mail; waudo@churchill.co.ke”


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