This is Why Citizen Tv’s Mzazi Willy Tuva is Not A Happy Man.

    When someone becomes a celebrity also many controversies surround him.So apparently Mzazi Willy Tuva is the latest Victim of impersonation and false allegations .   Few weeks ago there was a blog post saying that he charges musicians for an airplay, as Mseto East Africa we would like to put it clear that we don’t charge any amount for any airplay.


    If you believe you are a talented artist, we urge you to send your quality  music to our mail and we will review  and see if it  qualifies  to be played.Remember that one of the main objectives of Mseto East Africa is to uplift the local East African talents.

    On top of that it has come to our attention that there are many fake accounts running on facebook that are tarnishing Mzazi Willy Tuva’s name, something that is heartbreaking.


    ”Unapokuwa Mtu Maarufu Watu Watakutafuta Kwa Nia Nzuri Au Mbaya : Kuna Watakaolitumia JINA Lako Vibaya Kusudi Wajipatie Umaarufu : Wengi Ni Matapeli Wanaowalaghai Mashabiki Na Wafuasi Wasiojua Ukweli ? Hizi Ni Accounts Za Facebook Zenye Jina Langu. Mbili Za Kwanza (My Official Account & Facebook Fan Page) Ni Za Ukweli, Nyingine Zote Ni ‘Fake Accounts’ Za Matapeli ? Tahadhari Na Utahadharishe Wenzako!’

    Mzazi said.

    We would like to put it clear today that this are the official Facebook  accounts for Mzazi Willy Tuva;

    Official Personal account  Facebook  :


    Desctop screenshot

    N/B :the account has over 87,000 followers.

    Official fan page Facebook :

    Desctop screenshot

    N/B :the account has over 230,000 likes.


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