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Collabo Yangu Na Bahati Inakam-Weezdom!

1.You were recently part of Mseto Campus Tour to MMUST,How was the experience?

The Experience was great.I got to interact with my fans in MMUST for the first time. They were super excited to see me on stage and i learnt a lot of things;One being that music is a powerful tool that reaches out to so many people and two i realised  That Weezdom is already a  name with a big following all over the country thank You to Mseto East Africa and Mzazi Willy M. Tuva.

2.After Dropping Faham,When should we expect you to drop your new song?

My New Song is Ready for Release Anytime from now it will be out.

3.You are a very humble guy,How do you maintain with all the publicity?

It’s because of  my background as a former garbage collector and a former drug addict/peddler in Mathare slums. When I remember that, I always remind myself that I should remain humble and be a motivation to everyone who has lost hope due to poverty.

4.What’s the best thing that has happened since you got signed to EMB?

The best thing is the fact is that am only 18 weeks old in the industry and am getting shows and getting paid through music.This would not have been possible without the branding that my management has really invested in.
5.Any collabo with Bahati anytime soon

Definetly collabo na Bahati Inakam.Very soon.


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