Home Lifestyle Just How Much is Diamond Platnumz Worth? Find out!

Just How Much is Diamond Platnumz Worth? Find out!

Crossing over the border to Tanzania, ’Utanipenda’ hit maker, Diamond Platnumz worth has proved that music can change someone’s life by boosting their economic and financial standards.

The truth about Diamond Platnumz worth was recently made public through E VIP, a show that is broadcasted by E!TV placed him as the richest musician in Tanzania. According to the show, Diamond Platnumz currently stands at $ 4 million.

diamond platnumz worth - his awards

Most of his money comes from shows, brand ambassadorial deals and endorsements from well-to-do companies like DSTV, Coca Cola, Uber and Vodacom. Royalties, Ringtones and call back tones have also made him a lot of money.

Diamond’s status is expected to soar even more with his biggest investment, WCB Records a label that will probably bring in more money from its artists’ split shares in shows, royalties and other revenue avenues. The star is also said to have gone heavy in the real estate.


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