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DIAMOND’S Ex: ” I’m Fed Up With Ali Kiba! ”

Tanzanian model and businesswoman Jokate Mwegelo‘K idoti’ is fed up with the drama between her and Ali Kiba.
The ex Diamond Platinumz girlfriend has had it enough from the “Lupela” hit maker.She claims that Ali Kiba is cheating on her with some other woman.

This is after she went through his phone and found the love messages he has been sending her.
A close friend to Jokate, who sought anonymity, revealed that the beauty queen has been complaining about her strained relationship with Kiba.
“Jokate is fed up with Kiba’s antics. She wants to call it quits in the relationship,”says the source.
Jokate recently accused Kiba of having a behind the back affair with
Tanzanian actress Salma ‘Sabby Angel’ Tamim.
This has generated a huge rift between the two and a fallout is unavoidable.
Alikiba just did a song with the Kenyan top band Sauti Sol “Unconditionally Bae” that is enjoying massive airplay.We wish him happy moments in his love life.


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