What You Didn’t Know About Amani

    Everyone knows her as Amani the musician. But there are a few things that many people don’t know about Cecilia Wairimu (Amani) and we shall reveal them to you.


    Amani is the eldest in her family followed by her siblings Beatrice and Chris. Her mother discovered that she could sing when she was around seven years. “I was in the kitchen when I heard someone singing in a sweet voice. I didn’t know who it was but when I came into the sitting room I found Amani singing. I was elated and from that day me and my husband decided to support her in every way we could,” disclosed Amani’s mother.

    In school Amani was always a performer who had the ability to captivate her audience In primary school, she took her school, Moi Academy, Thika up to the Nationals in the song category. Same case when she joined high school. Her poem went to the national level.

    Amani joined United States International University (USIU) to study International Business Administration. After releasing several hits, she came into the limelight in 2002 when she collaborated with Nameless in the song ‘Ninanoki’ which was a national hit. This was followed by more hits and collaborations including the Sony Music project that saw her working with R. Kelly alongside Ali Kiba, Navio, Fally Ipupa, 2face Idibia, JK, 4X4 and Movazeleine.


    Amani’s mother who happens to be a Pastor disclosed that her daughter (Amani) was a tom boy most of her early life, “At the university, she never combed her hair or wore any dresses. Her dress code was T-shirts and jeans. Her hair was unkempt despite that she had nice, long, thick black hair and a great figure,” said the mother adding that, “However, she did come into her own and discovered her femininity. She is also not a morning person and does not like being woken up.”


    Her mother gave birth to Amani when she was 19 hence they grew up together, they are best friends. Amani is the mediator of the family, whenever her siblings have personal problems they always talk to her first. Amani is a daddy’s girl. She has a close relationship with her father who has been sending her airtime every week even though she is successful and independent.

    After a long silence, Amani made a comeback with a hit that has been well received by her fans. Kizunguzungu is a love song that features in various radio and TV charts. Talking about love, Amani has been spotted severally hanging out with a man she seems to be so attached to and perhaps to end the speculations many would want to know Amani’s marriage plans. She shares her thoughts about marriage in this interview with Mzazi Willy Tuva on Mambo Mseto (Radio Citizen) Watch and get the answers ;


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