DJ CRÈME Denied Entry into the US at the Airport??

    According to TALL, a US Based Kenyan Promoter DJ CREME was denied entry to the US by Migration officials at DFW(
    Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport),However it’s not yet clear why the Popular DJ was denied entry to America though according to the promoter it might be some sort of business rivalry among US promoters.

    Creme 7. Creme8


    According to the US Homeland Security Website, There are many reasons for a person to be denied entry into the U.S. The most obvious reasons for denied entry include if a person has previously worked illegally in the U.S., is suspected of being an intended immigrant (i.e. planning on staying in the U.S. past the terms of their admission), or of having ties to terrorist or criminal organizations. But there are many more reasons for persons to be excluded from the U.S. Among them are having been found guilty of crimes of moral turpitude (child molestation, rape, fraud, theft, etc.), having been found guilty of a criminal offense (for instance murder or grand theft), having overstayed a previous visit to the U.S., or if the visitor is suspected of having an infectious disease. In addition, tourist visitors to the U.S. are expected to have sufficient funds to support themselves while here – in order to ensure that they will not attempt to find employment in the U.S., which is a violation of the terms of the tourist visa. Tourist visitors must also be able to demonstrate that they have significant ties to their resident country. This is to ensure that they are not coming to the U.S. with the intent to illegally stay here as an immigrant. In both of these cases, it is up to the visitor to be able to convince a CBP Officer of their intention to abide by the terms of their visa. If the visitor does not appear to have the means to support themselves while here, any alternative arrangements – such as a sponsor who will be paying all expenses – should be clearly identified and be able to be substantiated by the CBP Officer.
    It is also possible to contact the U.S. Embassy, Office of Consular Affairs in your resident country to request a waiver.


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