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Dj Soxxy Opens Up About The Agony Of Being In A Labour Ward…

Popularly known as Dj Soxxy,Jackson Kamau  one year and a half ago did what most women wish their husband will do for them and what most men would rather not do.

Dj Soxxy went in with her wife as she labored and gave birth. “Yap!! I did it. Sema siku mrefu. Wah!! Sema kuchanganikiwa!! Enyewe mwanaume ni kujikaza kimaisha,”Soxxy starts off.

Soxxy recalls that after the 9 months her wife was scheduled for induction since her blood pressure had been acting up and after the induction and wishing  her wife well,he went home;little did he know that would be the longest night of his life.

“I have never been this anxious! At some point I even wished I remained in hospital with my wife even though the doctor had guaranteed that “active labour” would begin in the morning,” Soxxy adds.

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On returning  back to the hospital in the morning the wife had not yet given birth and that was the beginning of yet another emotional draining experience of his life.

“One hour turned into two, three, four and on and on. I don’t think I had been adequately prepared for this because as hours passed, I started feeling so drained and overwhelmed emotionally.Five hours later, it’s 7pm and my wife has only dilated 4cm! After what seemed to be years of labour and emotional turmoil for me, the doctor finally advised that it was time for us to consider Caesarian section which would mean that now my wife would be taken to the theatre.His thoughts were that since at that point my wife and the baby’s heart beats were strong and consistent, if we waited longer, one of the two could get tired and hence lead to even more complications,” Soxxy explains.

Soxxy’s wife got prepared for theater and after 45 minutes under the knife, their daughter Eliana Wairimu Kamau weighing 2.4Kgs was born.

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“I wept. I didn’t care what the world thought, I just let it all out. This moment, is a moment I will forever treasure. Seeing Eliana for the first time and seeing her mum finally at rest meant the world to me,” Recalls Soxxy.

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(You can read the full Soxxy’s Lessons Of Fatherhood blog story here)


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