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Dj Vancy the Dj From Thika to Watch For..

Dj Vancy
Dj Vancy

The deejaying industry have really immensely changed over the past  couple of years.


New things and new trends are cropping in day by day for this featured business.


Today we cover this supertalented young dj based in code 237, Thika..  He is the new face in the dj sector.. He goes by the stage name Dj Vancy.


I have personally attended some of his shows severally and I can assure you, this lad never disappoints. The Deejay got perfect chemistry with almost all types of audiences.  His music blending is out of this world.


Currently he plays at Klub Summit, Thika. You can check in at the club whenever he plays and am sure you will not be disappointed.


You can book a show with him by checking his socials below;

@djvancy_254 on twitter &Instagra

@Davie Vancy Gitonga on Facebook.


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