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Events Promoters Fight Over EDDY KENZO & DAVID LUTALO Show

Just a few weeks after rumours went around social media, revealing that singers Eddy Kenzo and David Lutalo will be battling each other on the same stage, a fresh war has broken out between events promoters, KT Promotions and Abtex as the two have disagreed on who should organize the show. News reaching us indicates that both Abtex Promotions and KT Promotions approached the singers to organize the show.
During an interview with Radio Simba, Abtex revealed that he initiated the idea of the battle and later KT promotion interfered, something that has sparked off a verbal war between the two.
“I came up with the whole idea of the battle between Eddy Kenzo and Lutalo I don’t really know what KT wants from me. You can consult from the artistes they will reveal to you who approached them first. All Ugandans should know that the battle is there and negotiations are still underway between me and the musicians about the dates and venues,” Abtex narrated “No one can do what I do, you can compare yourself to me but you can’t reach my level so if KT takes the show I am sure it will flop like how he did to Embuttu ye Mbuttukizi and Eagles Production shows,” he added. However, KT promotions has rubbished Abtex’s allegations and noted that he was the one who came up with the whole idea of organizing a battle between David Lutalo and Eddy Kenzo. “I am going to organize the show and I don’t know what Abtex is talking about because me i already approached both musicians and we still talking about the money I am supposed to pay them,” he said.

Kenzo asked for 150 million while Lutalo 100m so I am still waiting for them to lower their prices so that we can sign the deal and I start advertising the show on all media houses,” he added.


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