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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW With Ugandan Musician BAD BLACK Who Was Released Recently After Spending Two Years in Prison.

In her own words
After spending two years behind the coolers, she was back to pick up her life in the limelight from where she left off, immediately calling a press conference. It was all lights, camera and action as even our Sources afforded her a live interview.

Bad Black

First things first, what have you learnt from your sentence in Luzira? :

I have learnt that Luzira is really the University of Understanding and I thank Justice Catherine Bamugemereire for sentencing me to all that time behind bars because I have learnt a lot. When I went in, I was young, but I have matured during the sentence. I have learnt a lot. I have learnt to budget and that money is worked for. But then again, I have also worked for what I have. I took the mzungu’s money, but I have worked for it by being arrested for two years!

We are told you had special treatment in Luzira because you are loaded:

I wasn’t given special treatment. There was no special care. I have been a convict, working for the government of Uganda.

How was your sentence like?:

It was tough and I even contemplated suicide. But I found Christ and I am now born again. This helped me understand that everything happens for a reason and I came to accept my conditions, patiently waiting for my time to come out.

We heard that you are planning a big homecoming party? :

Yes I am planning a party, but I first have to release my song and music video, so I have something to show my fans. I’m hitting the studio to record the music first.

You are into music now?

Yes. I am a princess, which means I cannot do that labourious work like running a boutique and other things women do, yet I have to survive, so I am taking on music to earn a living.

Do you think you will make a hit song, because if the song flops then you can’t make money?

Yes. I have money to buy a good song. And besides, I am already famous, so I will organise a concert and get some quick money. Because I am famous, people will come, even if they hear that I am just going to sing three lines… I already have six songs by the way.

So you still have a lot of money like you used to?

Look at me to answer your question. I look like money, yet there is no bank account in Luzira. If I am looking like this straight out of jail, imagine how I will look like a year from now.

Speaking of looks, we can see you are almost a mzungu … how did you become light skinned?

I went to Thailand and I was given six injections and later tablets. I didn’t use those funny funny lotions women use, that is why you see that I don’t have any dark spots. In fact I now want to look like a Chinese (hehehe).
But if you want to become a musician, then people must know how you look so that they follow you…
I want to keep them on their toes guessing who I am and how I look… Hehehe.

We didn’t see any of those girls you used to hang around with during your good old days coming to welcome you from Luzira, yet you used to buy them clothes and cars?

I have put those girls in the category of gold diggers, when the storm comes they disappear. They just wanted money and they abandoned me when I went to Luzira. I have a message for them: girls don’t come near me.

And what about your partner in crime Meddie Ssentongo, who you were arrested with over the same crime?

Who is Meddie? I don’t know him.

You must be kidding us, Meddie your accomplice, your Facebook page was even Black Meddie Ssentongo before you were arrested?

Maybe Luzira made me forgetful, but I don’t remember him… I am even going to change my Facebook page.

And what about your friends that you left in Luzira?

I will go back to check on them. I also ask the government to pardon ladies serving long sentences. You cannot imprison a woman for 40 to 50 years, even 20.

And what are your immediate plans?

Travelling. I have to see the world, because I have been locked up for two years.

How are your children?
They are all grown up and speaking.

Editors Note: Why BAD BLACK went to jail:
Black was given a four-year jail term in a case where she was co-accused, along with another socialite Meddie Ssentongo for swindling up to $11m from British national David Greenhalgh of Daveshan Development Ltd, a company Black had formed with the mzungu when they were lovers. In her defence, Black said the money from Greenhalgh was in form of “gifts” and he only reported the embezzlement case as a jilted lover.


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