Exclusive Photos Of The Richest Female Artist In Kenya’s New Ferrari .

    Akothee is the richest female artist in Kenya as reports say, no doubt on this judging from the kind of lifestyle she commands. The other day she bought her 19 year old daughter a brand new car as a gift during her birthday not forgetting the massive collabos she has been doing with super international artists like Mr Flavour and Diamond Platinumz.All these is possible because Akothee is filthy rich.

    Apparently Akothee is in South Africa for medical checkup as she expects her 6th child.On a post on her social media pages Akothee said that she cant wait to cruise the expensive machine in her hometown Rongo.

    “Haaaaaa ona toy ya kutupeleka clinic, chaiìiii huyu toto amekuja na mabakuli, sir God akujalie mumme wangu shukran sanaaa‪#‎billionairetoys‬ , shugulikia makaratasi nikai park ‪#‎Rongospar‬, tutaenda rakwaro clinic kwa sister ,last time I checked it was 50 Bob, 20 ya card na 30 ya sindano, sai sijui ni ngapi, nani ana habari ?”

    akothee1-1 akothee-1


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