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FBI Dancers To Battle it Out in World Championships!

Kenyan FBI dancers crew are headed for the United States where they will compete against 250 other dance groups from across the globe.

The competition “World Hip Hop Dance Championship” will take place in August 3rd to 15th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

FBI dancers, who have gained fame and respect not only in Kenya but internationally, will be battling 250 teams comprising over 5,000 dancers!

Last year, the dance crew emerged winners in yet another international dancing contest, Faites Dannser Le Monde, which featured eight other crews from across the world. It was held in France.

The FBI dancers wrote on their social media pages, “From the slums of Majengo to France to USA to Dubai to South Africa and now to Las Vegas, Nevada. Thank you God for taking us to places we only saw in maps.

“This August we will be representing Kenya at the world hip-hop international dance competition. Over 60 countries will be represented and we are proud to be the to fly the Kenyan flag.” they added.

All the best to the FBI dancers from Mseto EA team!


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