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Finally GRANDPA RECORDS Sets The Record Straight Regarding KENRAZY’s issue

Grandpa Records has denied the presence of any bad blood between the record label and its former artiste Kenrazy. Early this year, the rapper left the record stable in controversial circumstances, but Grandpa, through it’s vice president Visita has said that Kenrazy left after his contract with the label expired. Visita and Kenrazy were known for their partnership in chucking hit collabo songs among them Vile Kunaendaga (with Majirani), Mapepo and Shida Mbili.
“We would like to set the record straight. Our brother Kenrazy’s two-year contract with Grandpa Records ended on January 1, 2016 at 5pm. We wish him well and there is no bad blood as some blogs have tried to put it. We don’t believe that when a contract ends, people should fight or talk ill of each other. Life goes on. We are proud to have worked with him. He is a great artiste and we wish him well in his career,” said Visita in a statement.
He added that Grandpa had just launched it’s new band called Bendi Ya Serikali, made of himself, Dufla Diligon, Sagodizo, REV and Thamos, all signed at the label. It’s first single, Ustaarabu, is currently on heavy rotation in the local media. He added: “We still have more in the pipeline from different artistes across East Africa. Through my experience I’ve learnt that patience and honesty pays. Everyday we keep on growing and now our music is in over 18 African countries, thanks to the big team we have.”

Source: The Star


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