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Frasha Declares Himself King As He Launches Debut Solo Album

Over the last couple of years, rap trio P-Unit has been one of the best and most consistent music group in Kenya, until the three; Frasha, Bon’Eye and Gabu, quite literally, decided to pursue solo careers. Of the three talented rappers, Frasha was the first to make it apparent that P-Unit as a group, was headed for a break-up.

Although they have never officially admitted that the group is as good as dead, the writing has been on the wall, especially when Frasha officially announced his individual career under the “I Am Frasha” banner in March 2015.

P-Unit-Frasha Declares Himself King As He Launches Debut Solo Album

Later afterwards, Gabu started his own individual branding under “Mi Ni Gabu” banner. However, apart from his most recent UK visit, not much has been heard from “Jenerali” Bon’Eye.

Anyhow, Frasha still insists the group is very much alive.

“The reason why I went solo is because I wanted to experiment on me just being solo. When you are in a group you are always in a comfort zone, but right now when I went solo, I had to do everything alone and I had to learn how to handle the business alone. I wanted to get a little bit stronger and be able to stand on my own,” he says.

So, who among you three is the best rapper in P-Unit?

“Wachana na mambo ya group. I am the definition of the best artiste in Kenya, not even in the group. That means kwa group pia mimi ni mnoma. On a serious note, everyone in P-Unit has his own talent and strong points. We all bring something that someone else in the group doesn’t have and that’s why we gel together.”

Frasha is working on a new solo album called Dakitare, to be released on April 29 this year. According to him, it will be a fusion of different genres and will feature many collabo projects.

“I have collaborated with many artistes because to me, I think a song is like a flower. The more you have different types of flowers in a bouquet, the better the look. I take my lessons from someone like Akon. His success came out of the┬ácollaborations that he did. I have a song with Gabu we did while Bon Eye was in the UK called Wabeh. P-Unit is strong and still together.”


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