From An M-PESA Operator To a Top Chart Music Artist! Be Inspired.

    In Life, It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going.Dennis Mwangi,doesn’t need any introduction.Better  known by his stage name  Papa Dennis and his flashy clothing,the “Foundation” hit maker is a force to reckon with in the gospel industry. He however has such a miserable background that you could wonder how he made it. Growing up an orphan,Papa Dennis didn’t manage to complete his schooling due to poverty. He was forced to do menial jobs to survive with utterly no one to rely on.


    He started working as a construction worker at Kasarani,where he faced a lot of difficulties. Finding this hard,he opted selling safari-com sim cards as a vendor to make ends meet. It is in this connection that he was employed as an M-PESA operator. Unfortunately for him,his employer was a con man,paying him nothing. “I was employed at an M-Pesa shop. But the guy who employed us was a con, and we the little guys suffered for that,” says Papa Dennis. Life was like hell to him. He however managed to cope up with the life challenges and made it big musically doing songs that enjoy massive airplay. He indeed has a story to tell that will inspire you.Always Keep it MsetoEA and Mambo Mseto for more inspiring stories.



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