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Gay Music Videos Banned in Kenya

Same Love, a music video advocating for the rights of the Kenyan LGBT community has been flagged by YouTube following an earlier request by the board to have it pulled down on grounds that it was morally offensive.

Google flagged the video which was not in line with ‘Kenyan morals’ barely a week after the board had a popular soft drinks company edit out ‘offensive kissing scenes’ thought to be un-kenyan.

“We are happy that the music video has been pulled down following a request we made to google, this is part of making sure that content is healthy for all,” Mutua told the conference.

This act means that same sex relationships will not be tolerated in Kenya’s entertainment scene as they are against what is socially acceptable.

The Kenya Films and Classification board came under attack in February, 2016 after the music video was banned. The act attracted the attention of the western media to a point of Macklemore – who first did the song alongside Ryan Lewis showing support for Art Atttack who had boldly gone out of his way to fight for the rights of the Kenyan gay community.


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