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‘Gold Digger’ Hitmaker Discharged From Mulango Hospital

“Gold Digger” Hitmaker Jackie Chandiru was Tuesday discharged from Mulago Hospital where she had been admitted for close to two weeks following a drug overdose. This was after the singer was found lying unconscious in her house. She was admitted at Mulago after it was discovered that the needles that she was using to administer drugs into her body had damaged blood vessels in her arms almost leaving one paralyzed.

gold digger
According to our sources, the singer was discharged from Mulago on Tuesday morning and immediately admitted at another clinic located on Entebbe Road where she will now start her rehabilitation program.
Although sources close to her attendants including Balaam Balugahara and Mesarch Semakula say that they are struggling with the hospital bills amounting to over Shs 20 Million, the two have maintained that the ‘Wotuse’ singer needs more love from her supporters than money.
We Wish the Talented singer nothing but a smooth and quick road to recovery.



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