Grace Msalame Finally Talks About Her Curvaceous Body Shape And Reveals How She Got It.

    No doubt that Grace Msalame is one of the most  Curvaceous  female celebs and T.V hosts in Kenya, her pictures speak a lot on that. However there have been rumors day in, day out that the Bamba TV content manager has been using enlargement pills to achieve the body shape, something that has been angering her for a long time.


    So a few days ago through a blog post on her site,  titled ”THE TIME IS RIPE” Grace put it clear that her body shape is God given therefore haters should shut up.

    ”Incidentally as I type this, I’m tagged on a list of “Celebs” who use enlargement pills for their hips and derriere! another big laugh out loud moment for me?because again, all those who know me, know this body structure runs in our family and sad fact is my current state is purely just me getting fatter?I’m getting older! so my hormones are all over the place, so if I eat badly and not work-out as I should, these are the results, but that’s probably too boring for blogs! they need to juice up the story with fabrications!”

    Now you have it!   Grace Sowairina Msalame’s body structure runs in their family!


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    1. Sio nini ama nini but DAAAMNNN GIRL..!!! Grace you are one blessed woman. Mablogger lazima watafute unga, tushawazoea…

      • Sio unga wala mtama, hii iwe real ama si real, hawezi went the sidika way cause of her status….otherwise, huyu angebeat plastic toy girl sidika by faaar….
        But what matters is what she can do with em hips not just show em….she says she getting fatter and older then I am afraid her game is going “badder”…she better keep up on the league or she will have to sponsor a guy like me to make her feel all younger with all her juice under her skin.


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