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Heartfelt Letter From Njambi Koikai To Her Fans.

Njambi Koikai,arguably one of the Best Radio Presenters in Kenya has been battlingĀ a serious case of Pneumothorax (partial lung collapse) for a while now and was admitted for yet another operation three days ago.

Early this morning the Fyah Mummah decided to open up to her fans about the painful experience in an emotional Facebook post.

This is what she wrote,

“Good morning…so after three days i can sit up and move slowly around my room. It is extremely painful as i have a tube inserted into my lungs then to a bottle that restricts my movement. Jana was really painful…I cried…I wailed and if you reminded me of my strength I’d look at you in disbelief. There’s a painkiller called pethidine…it is lethal…they gave me that jana and I knew I was gone. Throughout the surgery I kept screaming and wailing that God is with me and I have purpose to fulfill His mission and vision. Take a minute to thank God for good health. That’s all that matters! My grandma is holding firm even though we chose not to tell her of My sickness this time round due to her illness. Just thank God for your life…all these things we are chasing are nothing when you are confined to a hospital bed. You cannot feed yourself…they have to sponge bath you..literally change your sleeping positions…do not complain…see me? Have a healthy day devoid of any sickness or illness…much love to all of you.”

From msetoea.com we wish quick recovery Njambi Koikai.


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