Here Is The Highest Paid Celebrity In The World.

    Taylor Swift has topped Forbes’ annual list of the 100 highest-paid celebrities.

    With a $170M fortune, the singer-songwriter is ahead of Adele, who’s at number nine with $80.5M, Madonna is in 12th spot with $76.5M and Rihanna at number 13 with $75M.

    Taylor’s 1989 World Tour earned more than $200M last year.

    The star’s ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris is in 21st spot with $63M.

    Top 10 highest paid celebrities

    1. Taylor Swift – $170M

    2. One Direction – $110M

    3. James Patterson (Author) – $95M

    4. Dr Phil McGraw (US TV personality) and Cristiano Ronaldo – $88M

    6. Kevin Hart – $87.5M

    7. Howard Stern – $85M

    8. Lionel Messi – $81.5M

    9. Adele – $80.5M

    10. Rush Limbaugh (US entertainer) – $79M




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