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Hip Hop Star KEKO In Charity Drive

The last time Keko appeared in the news, it was obviously for the wrong reasons as she was branded a drug addict but last Sunday, the artiste was seen on the streets of Kisenyi slum which is famous for all kinds of drugs. As it later turned out, the 6 ft tall musician was just there to find out more about the orphaned children in that area which forced her to pay a courtesy visit to the home of the Missionaries Of The Poor in Kisenyi-Mengo to interact with the orphans and get to know more about them. Keko took a special time to visit the orphaned children in Kisenyi Slum.

After two hours with these children, the artiste was touched by their stories and promised to offer any kind of help that they might need and to prove a point she bought goodies for the entire orphanage before leaving.
Keko, believed to be one of the best female hip hop artistes in East Africa has a story not far from the children in Kisenyi. She has abused drugs for some time before she quit last year after spending about three months in rehab.


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