I Once Hawked Water For Survival : Reveals Popular CITIZEN T.V News Anchor.

    Known for his cheeky 10 minute show dubbed ‘Citizen TV Truth Meter’ and the daily Power Breakfast show ,Willis Raburu is unquestionably one of the most endowed male media personalities in the media fraternity. Born and raised in Kisumu,Raburu has been cheeky since childhood.While in school,he used to be a  notorious noisemaker. He was the kind of person who could not miss in the noisemakers list and his name could always be marked with a star because he was just too much.
    After completing his primary education at the Aga Khan Primary school in Kisumu City,he joined Chemilil Academy High school which was a mixed boarding school. Here,Raburu faced alot of challenges.Due to poor economic status back at home,he was forced to cater all by himself.He had to look for food,his mother could barely cater enough for the whole of family. It’s these adverse conditions that pushed him to doing something that would fend for him:water hawking.Raburu started the water business.He used to sell water as a side hustle. He used to sell water and biscuits to friends in order put something on the table. He actually did the hustle for a good period of time before joining the media,where he has stamped his authority as one of the greatest media personalities this country ever had.
    Moral Lesson: Hard work with Determination Pays A lot!


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