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IRYN NAMUBIRU Speaks Out On Life After GABRIEL EPENU’S Accident

Ugandan Singer, Iryn Namubiru has finally spoken out on her life after former NTV’s news anchor and then boyfriend, Gabriel Epenu’s accident, which occurred in November 2013 in Mukono, leaving him in coma and claiming the life of his friend, Edger Were.
While appearing on NTV Uganda’s ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ morning show recently, the “Nkuweki” singer, when asked about Epenu’s condition, said that she couldn’t talk about it although she knows where he is. “I don’t want to talk a lot about it. But if I told you I know how he is, that means I have seen him and I know where he is.” She said in a low tone. The singer also added that life after Epenu’s accident was hard to maintain and almost made her loose her career.
“His accident killed me a lot because that was the time when our love had blossomed. I had just come back from the Japan saga. People talked a lot and I couldn’t take it, I lost my mind for some time. People could back stab you, speak behind your back, you never knew what they talked behind your back. I totally got confused; it took me some of time to wake up,” She revealed.
Namubiru who is preparing for her 2016 concert come this Friday 23rd November, also said she used to visit the boyfriend even after the accident although she wasn’t welcomed by his family.“There was a time I wasn’t allowed to go there, but that was no big deal because my aunt and cousin work at International Hospital Kampala. I would comfortably sneaked into the hospital when everyone was out in the night. I had a doctor who helped me out in having alone time with him,” She spoke in a clam voice


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