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Must Read: Jose Chameleon’s Special Message to his Haters!

After supporting president Yoweri Kaguta in his bid to retain his  presidency  term, seems like things have not been  working well to the Valu Valu Hit maker. Through his social media platforms, on the comment section you can notice that there is always a group that vows not to listen to Jose’s songs nor attend his shows just because of his political stand.


However Jose chameleon took it to Facebook to say  that he is doing music for all Ugandans and  those claims are just meant to tarnish his name and bring him down.

”With all Effort here are the Tabloids again!!! Doing all they can to Tarnish a fellow Ugandan as they please.Now spreading like wild fire is a FALSE allegations that I don’t do Music for Ugandans anymore. This has been designed by People who Hope and wish to bring me down. I chose to keep quiet about whatever is going on because my opinion was disregarded. I wish whosoever crafted this campaign can know that whatever we are or Become is Testimony of Gods Power and Love.

I am Ugandan regardless of Faith, Religion or Tribe.

My Music Loving People, Don’t be moved by such False statements of Hatred.

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