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Kansiime Lands A Massive Deal With Save The Children

Having officially launched the Kansiime foundation at her one-woman show in March. The Ugandan queen of comedy recently landed an ambassadorial role with save the children where she will spearhead their ‘Every last child’ Campaign. Kansiime didn’t share the nitty gritty of the deal but instead shared a profile of Abariyo Enock a 16-year-old boy who is struggling to stay in school. Having lost his father to HIV ten years ago, Enock is trying hard to stay in school because his mother can barely pay his tuition.
Enock’s profile is probably the first of the many that Kansiime will share along the way. ‘E nock is a very humble boy from Kabale Primary School. He is currently in P7 and was promoted from P6 with the best grades in the whole class. He is very passionate about getting an education and told us he has to study hard and complete school so that he can help his mother to take care of the siblings,’ Kansiime said before adding,
‘Enock is the only one of the 7 that goes to school. His mother tries hard to raise school fees for him through casual labor that she does for other people. At times, she does not get those jobs because of being stigmatized.’ With some of the relatives not believing in Enock’s education, they have often told the mother that she’s wasting money,
‘Why you are wasting money on this boys school fees when he has no future at all? When you die what will happen? He will drop out of school. Let him stay home and do all kinds of jobs so that he can provide food for the siblings .’ Despite all that is said, Enock is very optimistic about finishing school and he wants to be an engineer once he’s done.


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