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Keko Turns To This Days After Quitting Music.

A couple of days ago, Uganda’s top female rapper Keko officially announced that she is quitting active music after just a short stint in the game.

Showbiz stakeholders and fans across the East Africa circuit are still in shock following the move and have connected her drastic announcement to an inadvertently slip of tongue, sentiments which the rapper has come out to refute and prove otherwise as she revealed her new found love – Dancing!


Through her Instagram account, the ‘make you dance’ crooner revealed that she has signed up for Salsa lessons and hopes against hope that one day she will be a great dancer, akin to American singer, Chris Brown.

In a photo shared on her Instagram account, Keko revealed that she has enrolled for Salsa lessons and hopes to one day be as good a dancer as American superstar Chris Brown.

Learned some new moves at salsa class. #BrizzyDanceMovegoals’’She posted.



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