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KING SAHA To BUKEDDE: Stop Spreading False Information

Ugandan Singer, King Saha has come out and denied having a flopped show in Jinja as alleged by Bukedde newspaper in an article published on their website recently. In an angry post on his Facebook page, the singer expressed his disappointment in Bukedde for spreading what he calls “false information” about him.
“Bukedde, namwe mukyanonya likes?? I had so much respect for you thinking you are above that level. What good is there in giving the public false information? When was I supposed to be in Jinja? Who contacted me to perform there? Did I have any agreement with that so called club?” Saha wrote on Facebook. According to the “Gundeeze” hit maker, the newspaper only writes about his false flopped shows and ignores the successful ones. “The haters may want me to fall off now but am just getting started. Allah bless u Bukedde,” the singer stated. King Saha recently had a successful northern tour as he pulled big crowds at his shows in Kitgum and Gulu districts.


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