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Laila Ali To Support Women Boxers in Uganda

The world is still mourning the death of Muhammad Ali, arguably the best boxer of all time after his passing on but despite the tragic incident, her daughter Laila Ali is still strong and to keep the family legacy, she has pledged to help Uganda when it comes to boxing. The retired world champion boxer and elite athlete whose record stands at 24 wins, 0 losses and 21 knockouts has offered a donation and support to assist the Women Boxers of Kampala Project basing on the fact that Ugandan women are determined even with lack of adequate equipment.
Leila Ali “I have seen the videos and read the reported stories on the plight of the female boxers in Kampala, Uganda. Although I am aware that people are living in poverty in many countries including the United States, I am moved by the drive and determination these women possess to rise above their circumstances. They have set goals for themselves that others would think are impossible. Even though they lack adequate equipment and are literally training in the mud, they show up day after day, staying committed to their dream of competing in the Olympics. I know the amount of hard work, determination and preparation it takes to participate in the sport of boxing. To attempt it with literally no tools or support is difficult to imagine! These women truly inspire me.” She said.


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