Legendary Uncle Fred Obachi Machoka Gives Tips To Musicians On How To Make Long Lasting Songs.

    Radio Citizen’s RogaRoga Show host uncle Fred Obachi Machoka is a veteran radio hero; a legendary journalist who has  beat all odds to remain relevant in the ever changing media industry in Kenya. He has been on the Kenyan Airwaves  for over than 30 years since his days with Sanyo Tops programme on KBC radio in the 1980s.  No doubt that this man controls almost the entire nation for seven hours every week on his weekend shows.
    The Blackest man in black Africa has served in the Media for many decades, a feat that is no mean and that many a presenter will find difficult to match.Uncle Fred has an unmatched repertoire of knowledge in African music.
    He has promoted African music, more so lingala and Rhumba very well in his Radio platform which has made it  remain authentic through the years.


    So, in a guest appearance in Mambo Mseto, he was hosted by Mzazi Willy M Tuva and he gave out crucial tips to musicians who would like to make music that would last for an eternity.
    He said:

    1.Use of right and catchy lyrics. lyrics should be those that penetrate into people’s minds and feelings and communicate that special message, and they will stick in people’s minds forever.

    2.Good arrangement of Instruments and harmony. Instruments played harmoniously can make one listen to a song over and over again and with time one can sing along just because of harmonization of instruments.

    3.Artistes should listen to songs of the past and how they are put out and then do a remix based on the beats of the songs while trying to maintain a digital face of it, Songs from the greats like Fally Ipupa, Koffi Olomide and even Osibi za from Nigeria can the best example for one to benchmark for an improvement


    An example of the remix done from the songs of the past is Lady JayDee doing the Karubandika remix originally by Mzee Marijan Rajab and for sure never disappointed.

    4. “Bongo is specifically for Tanzanians” Obachi didn’t shy from telling Kenyan artiste to avoid saying that “I’m a Bongo artiste” we all know who do Bongo, Tanzanians, and they are masters in their game, so Kenyan artistes and Bongo simply don’t rhyme and their audience won’t have the appetite to listen to them anyway.

    5. Originality in what you do can make even somebody from China know that this is one amazing original piece of art from Africa.

    With all these, one’s music can be played for many  years to come and listened to by generations. Listen to the interview below;


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