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LEILAH KAYONDO Speaks Out On Pregnancy Claims

Ugandan Singer, Leila Kayondo has finally come out and denied being pregnant following rumors that have been spreading all over Social Media, indicating that she was impregnated by renowned radio presenter, Dj Jacob Omutuuze.
According to Leila, the rumors are baseless and are being spread by people, whose intentions she doesn’t know. While appearing on Dembe FM on Sunday, the “Leero Tompona” hitmaker clarified that she has been a close friend of Dj Jacob and their relationship is business oriented and not a sexual one like people are alleging.
“Jacob has been my friend for so long and i treasure him a lot because he has been there for me in all situations,” Leila said, adding that Jacob is one of the people that have helped her in promoting her music.
In reply to these allegations, Dj Jacob said that he has never thought of engaging Leila in any sexual relation despite of the long time they have spent in their friendship. Jacob blamed all this on a fellow radio presenter, whose names he withheld. He noted that he is not aware of his (the radio presenter) intentions.


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