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Lon Jon Feat Amina – Grown and Sexy

So, a couple of days on Amos Njeru‘s Campus Icon show – he challenged me to look up Kenyan music and rate it. Being the YouTube freak I am – I took the time to go through some of the who is who in Kenyan music scene.

As such, I’ll be making a series of both veteran and upcoming artists – watch this space!

I came across this song while looking up artists recommended by a friend and Kenyan RnB artist Joe Rubia, true to his word this song will definitely make little sense to you as to why it was not THE hit song last year to most.

Watch Lon Jon Feat Amina – Grown and Sexy Video below;


John Friendrich better known as Lon’Jon, while in High School in Johannesburg, started writing his own raps and freestyling, before he joined his first rap crew K.O.D and then Outsidazz consisting of multicultural MCs where they rapped in different high schools. In 2008, he came to Kenya where he met rapper Kantai and they did a song ‘Made’ that went straight to the charts putting him on the hip hop circles of Nairobi. He went hard at work at Emcee Africa competition where he was the 5th overall rapper. Lon’Jon has been doing mixtapes and recording projects such as the Phoenix Records production Industry Take-Over that featured Abbas, O Double, Kimya, Bamboo, Attitude, Sugar and Sharama. ~ Reverbnation

On this track, he featured Amina: Amina Abdi hails from a Borana family with her dad from Moyale and her mum from Isiolo. She started singing way back since she was in standard one where she would cram songs from cassette tapes and since her dad would bring home karaoke machines and mics which she would use to perform for my family and friends. In this song Amina shows us talent exists – especially for those who take up the challenge despite challenges, something I’ve come to appreciate even as she endeavours on to other fields in the media industry. ~ hashtagsquare

That said, what’s your take on this song by Lon Jon Feat Amina? (released lat year – IKR!)


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