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”I Lost Close Friends Immediately I Announced That I was Pregnant” -Top Kenyan Dj Reveals.

Few days ago the celebrated Female Deejay’s Baby shower went down in an expensive party at B. Club in Nairobi on Saturday.You all know B-Club is not for ”Everyone” remember that its the same where the rich kids party and shower with Moët & Chandon Champagnes spending over a million in a night.Away from B-Club, so Dj Pierra Makena after the epic baby shower  took it to her Instagram page to disclose how she lost many close friends after announcing that she was pregnant.


When I announced I was expecting a baby… i instantly lost friends (who I thought were friends)??
But last night proved that I do have true support from true friends and family who are what I need. Guys can’t thankyou enough. Amazing baby shower.???? NEW LIFE NEW THINGS!

Its somehow funny because normally when a lady get pregnant the news are received with joy in the society  not losing close friends for that.


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