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Lupita Nyong’o Sneaks into Naivasha, Find Out Why!

Just like her visit early last year for her sister’s wedding, Lupita also quietly jetted in for her cousin’s wedding last weekend.

The Star Wars actress flew into Nairobi last year in May to attend a very exclusive high society wedding held at the Great Rift Valley Lodge in Naivasha. Friends and family celebrated the union between Esperanza ‘Wam’ Nyong’o and Dadi Nyabiya.

This time round, according to the-star,¬†she is in town for her cousin, Kwame Ny’ongo’s wedding.

“Lupita is a guest at the cousin’s wedding that is why information about her attending was kept hush hush,” source said, “She did not want to steal the show.”

The glamorous wedding was held during the day at the Olerai House in Naivasha.

“During the entire ceremony, Lupita was incognito people found out later she was around. The guest were also not allowed to enter with their cellphones at the venue,” the¬†source added.

Lupita was spotting braids and was dressed in a “green dress with brown boots and when she was saying godbye, she wore a beige jacket.”

The Hollywood fashion icon is said to be “staying at the Green Park Lodge with the parents. The evening party for the newlyweds and their guests will be held at the same venue.”


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