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Here Are The Main Reasons Why Celebrity Relationships Don’t Last:

For those who have been following various celebrity relationships, a few of them last long to see their first anniversary. Most of them, breakdown with in the first few months and a few others last for more years. It is very rare to find a celebrity first relationship lasting forever! Most of you have been asking themselves why this! Before we talk about celebrities mainly, first remember the general rate at which relationships are breaking up is increasing, be it causal relationships. Here Are
Reasons why Celebrity Relationships are collapsing

1. High Ego!
Most celebrities are too proud, they think dating someone who is not a celeb as they are, they are doing them a favor. Moreover this is against the basic rule of relationships, which is mutual respect! This is one of the major reasons, why celebrity relationships do not last.

Celebrity relationships

2. Little Time for Their Families.
Most of the celebrities are always away from homes. Their careers demand them to travel more often or be at training more than they are at home. Giving an example of musicians and footballers, most of the times, they are on tours and rehearsals compared to the time they give to their families.

3. Infatuation On Camera.
Many people fall for celebs on camera for the first time, they try all they can to meet those celebs and start a relationship. Amidst their relationship, they finally discover that celebs are not angels on earth but rather like other people and they have imperfections too. This leads to disappointments and finally collapse of the relationship.

4: Dating for Business.
This is an important one, Some celebs date others targeting something. Some are looking for fame, others looking for money, others looking for recognition; others are looking for citizenship while others are seeking for funding. In the end, if one finally gets what he/she was targeting, the relationship is over. Duke Christopher Thomas former husband to Princess Ruth Komuntale said that, Komuntale was never married to him. She just wanted to use him to acquire the American Green Card.


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